July 29, 2021 1:59pm

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Associated Press

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer saw his total compensation rise by 73% to $19.2 million for the company’s fiscal year ended in March on a bigger bonus and higher option awards.

The executive earned $11.1 million the year before, according to a proxy statement filed Thursday with the SEC that lists salaries of a company’s top five highest paid execs.

His base salary of $1.5 million was unchanged. His bonus was bumped to $10 million from $6.3 million and his option awards to $6.7 million from $1.5 million. Stock awards fell by about half to $700,000.

Vice chair Michael Burns earned $8.5 million from about $6.4 million.

The proxy noted new employment agreements with Feltheimer, Burns and general counse Corri Berg during fiscal 2021. “Accordingly, the compensation for these executives reported in the table for such fiscal year was significantly higher than the compensation reported for the other fiscal years covered by the table. The increase was also higher, in part, due to the inclusion in fiscal 2021 compensation of equity awards granted for fiscal 2020.”

Feltheimer’s contract runs through August 21, 2023, giving the company the right to extend the term by either one or two additional years. Burns’ term ends October 30, 2023 with the company’s right to extend by one year.

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Most companies work on a calendar year-end and filed proxies for 2020 last spring. As Deadline reported, the ten top media and entertainment CEOs earned a combined $350 million last year, buoyed by hefty stock and option grants — during the worst economic disruption since the Great Depression. The list didn’t include Feltheimer although he would have ranked in there between top Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei at $47 million (the highest compensation) and AMC Networks chief Josh Sapan at $11.8 million.